Trainee Recruitment (To work in TOSCO Corporation Japan after training)

Currently, 31 Myanmar employees are working in Japan. There are 22 trainee in Yangon and 23 trainee in Mandalay who are now learning the Japanese language and programming in order to go to Japan.

Recruitment in Myanmar

It is also possible to apply without Japanese language proficiency and IT development experience.However,it may adopt depending on the past experience and aptitude.

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Employnment in Myanmar

The recruitment test takes place in mid-October. The test determines individual's qualification, characteristic from the perspective of personality, motivation, sociality and values.

OJT in Myanmar

In about two years of training, you will get the foundation for working in Japan. (Company may cover the expense of Japanese Language Course and IT Course.)

After Coming To Japan

After coming to Japan, employees have to attend 「On-the-Job Training」 in Okayama Head Office. Okayama Prefecture, Okayama city is blessed with good weather and prices in Okayama city are inexpensive. So, it is the best environment to familiarize with living in Japan.

Flow In Japan

After coming to Japan, we are continued to learn society education and information security education and IT basic education program and so on.

OJT in Japan

After coming to Japan, the first 6 months is the trial period and all employees have to attend OJT. (Employees will get full salary even during the trial period.)

Employee's Comment

Currently, 31 Myanmar employees are working in Japan. We introduce the messages from seniors.

Domestic Employee Recruitment(To work in Myanmar)

Our company will work in IT related business in Myanmar. Depending on the level of experience and skill so far, depending on the scale and difficulty of the project, we will leave either Project Manager, Project Leader, System Engineer or Programmer position.

Experienced Employee Recruitment

The employment of experienced persons is given preferential treatment in accordance with our company's regulations after considering the income, experience, and ability of the previous job.

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Non-Experience Employee Recruitment

You can apply even if you don't have any experience in IT development. After the IT training, we will start with OJT.

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Japanese Teacher Recruitment

It will be Japanese language education for human resources who will work at our Japanese corporation in the future.

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