Employment In Myanmar

Recruitment record
First Batch
  • JUN/2015 recruit
  • YANGON 10 (Boys:2 Girls:8)
Second Batch
  • OCT/2015 recruit
  • YANGON 10 (Boys:2 Girls:8)
Third Batch
  • NOV/2016 recruit
  • YANGON 8 (Boys:0 Girls:8)
  • MANDALAY 13 (Boys:3 Girls:10)
Fourth Batch
  • NOV/2017 recruit
  • YANGON 13 (Boys:2 Girls:11)
  • MANDALAY 12 (Boys:2 Girls:10)
Fifth Batch
  • NOV/2018 recruit
  • YANGON 8(Boys:3 Girls:5)
  • MANDALAY 11(Boys:4 Girls:7)
Until employment
Application Method
This job can be applied at job fair that is held once a year in Myanmar. Applicants must take the IQ test at the first. Only those who pass the IQ test will be interviewed.Based on the results of aptitude test and interview, we will recruit you as a trainee.
After employment in Myanmar.
Step 1
Entering company in myanmar
Step 2
Starting to learn Japanese Language at Japanese language school.
Step 3
Writing weekly report by Japanese Language.
Step 4
Studying at office.
Step 5
Starting On job training(OJT)at Myanmar Office.
Step 6
Continue the learning of Japanese language at Japanese language school
Step 7
  • About judgment for Japan
    • Estimated period : The divaining period of about two years is an average period.
    • Basic Skill : Japanese Language level (JLPT or NAT-TEST) above level 2 and IT knowledge
    • Interview : Decision-making is depending on final interview.
  • (If you had been decided you will be able to work in Japan, you may be hired in Japan for less than a year.)
Education in Tosco Myanmar
  • Main target is Japanese Language and IT.
  • Japanese Language learning(from N5 Level to N1 Level).
  • IT learning [Java( Fundamental / Software / Solution / Web / Enterprise )].
  • Class level decision depending on individual skill.