Japanese Teacher Recruitment

Job Requirements
Job Type
Japanese Teacher
  • 日本語能力試験(JLPT)N1 又は、日本語NAT-TEST 1級 保有者
  • 年齢不問
Work Location
No.221, Sule Square, Unit07-B,Level-16, Sule Pagoda Road,Kyauktada Township Yangon, Myanmar
Experience Required
Over 1 year of experience
Recruitment condition
Number of employees to be employed
700,000 MMK ~
There is a raise by personnel evaluation at the time of the contract renewal.
Transportation Charges
Actual cost payment
Housing assistance
80,000 MMK
(Only the person who pays the rent by oneself)
Japanese Exam fee
Company will pay the examination fee.
  • Weekly Holiday(Sat,Sun Off)
  • Public holidays,Myanmar New year holidays
  • Annual Leave     :10days
  • Casual Leave    :10days
  • Medical Leave    :1Month
  • Maternity Leave  :3 Months
  • Wedding Leave    :7days
  • Cordolence Leave:7days
Working Hours
8AM to 5PM
Type Of contract
After a trial period of 3 months, you will become a yearly contract.