[Putting People at the Centre]

  • All of our business activities are supported by"people ties".
  • We always contribute to the development of customers and society through information services and
  • businesses based on the way of thinking centered on people.
  • We aim to enhance the corporate value of the company and develop it permanently.
  • We realize the abundance and composure of our employees.

Our Business Outlines

Our company is 100% Japanese company-funded foreign company established in Myanmar in July 2019.Tosco Corporation is a long-established company that has been in business for over 40 years since its establishment.We will inherit the parent company's DNA and develop IT business in Myanmar.

Our business is largely divided into the following three.
Human Resource Development Business
We will educate on IT technology and Japanese langugae through our unique curriculum, and develop human resources to work in Japan as highly skilled myanmar engineers.
Offshore Business>
We will develop some of the IT products and contract systems developed by Tosco Japan Corporation .
Human Resources Support Business
We dispatch employees for IT development and IT infrastructure construction to provide technical support to companies in Myanmar. Through these businesses, we will provide IT technologies as a bridge between Myanmar and Japan.
The technology cultivated in Japan will be deployed in Myanmar to contribute to the development of Myanmar.。